Liquid & Gas Separation

Complex Liquid & Gas Separations

ARI has broad and deep experience with a variety of liquid and gas separations. These projects typically involve the recovery of valuable commodity gases, constituent recovery, drying, contaminant removal, etc. As with all of our AdvanSorb®– Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system’s separation processes, we seek to optimize overall recovery, product purity, capital expense, and operational expense, per the customer’s requirements.

Whether the primary objective is to design for high-recovery at 99.999% purity, or to design a system that best balances all factors for the most attractive business case, ARI can work with you to design the system that best fits your needs. ARI possesses experience across a wide range of upgrading and purification projects. These include oxygen, nitrogen, and argon purification and argon separation from air; helium separation from natural gas; hydrogen separation from natural gas and hydrogen purification; sulfur dioxide capture and enrichment; VOC and other contaminant removal from air; and water purification.

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