Cleantech & Renewable Energy Solutions

Cleantech & Renewables

Cleantech refers to an array of products, services, and processes that reduce costs, inputs, energy, consumption, waste, and environmental pollution. Based largely upon principles of biology, chemistry, design, resource efficiency, lean business concepts, and systems thinking, it includes segments like renewable energy, green transportation, information technology, green chemistry, water efficiency, and air & water purification.

The common thread tying these segments together is the focus on minimizing environmental footprint and pollution, while maximizing performance. ARI provides Cleantech solutions for direct use in the renewable energy/renewable fuels segment (renewable natural gas), and air & water purification segments (desalination of brackish water, removal of phosphates and nitrates from freshwater sources, etc.), as well as indirect use via the information technology segment (electronic gases purification—e.g. argon).

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