Adsorption Carbon Capture

AdvanSorb® Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture

As the world seeks better industrial & energy solutions that are cleaner, more innovative, and more profitable, new markets for technology have emerged. CO2 capture is one of these technologies. The ability to capture CO2 from new and existing sources of flue gas, where CO2 is not emitted, and instead sequestered, or used in existing or new applications, is a game-changing way to reduce global CO2 emissions globally.

ARI’s patented moving bed temperature swing adsorption (MBTSA) technology represents a breakthrough in its simplicity and economics. ARI’s solution allows for a significant reduction in parasitic power usage (relative to PSA alternatives) by using the waste heat contained by the flue gas to drive the separation.

AdvanSorb®-CO2 Capture System Features, Benefits, & Capabilities

Elegantly simple process and design provides for effective, efficient, and easy operation
End-of-pipe solution means minimal disruption to existing plants when retrofitting
Modular design allows for inexpensive construction, easy maintenance, flexible operation, and expandable capacity

Captures and removes Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOX), mercury, and other dilute, toxic, contaminants

Simplified system design eliminates the need for extra equipment, reduces sludge, and helps ensure compliance with state and federal regulations
The overall capture cost of about $10 to $15/ton of CO2 makes for an economical investment relative to other CO2 capture technologies
Purification of the captured CO2 and compression (to ~2,000 psi) for pipeline transport and sequestration adds another $10 to $20 cost per ton of CO2
Green and white CCUS Pilot Plant Building
CCUS Pilot Plant System

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