Nitrogen and Oxygen Removal System

ARI’s AdvanSorb®-RNG NRU+ Process

ARI’s AdvanSorb®-RNG NRU removes nitrogen and oxygen (air) from partially upgraded bio-methane.  Vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) is used to complete the upgrading of biomethane to saleable RNG.

AdvanSorb®-RNG NRU+ Process Features, Benefits, & Capabilities

At the Landfill:

Removes nitrogen, and oxygen.  Allows for greater suction on the landfill, which means more methane, lower fugitive emissions and reduced odors, and vastly reduced well-tuning


Patented, reliable, and highly efficient Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) process. Upgrades partially upgraded biomethane to RNG.

  • Removes nitrogen and oxygen (no technical minimum or maximum) to produce high-yield, high-purity, RNG
  • Moderate operating pressure means significant savings in CAPEX & OPEX compared to other technologies
  • Long-lived, regenerable, media means fewer changeouts and reduced OPEX.

Control system utilizes ARI’s proprietary adaptive control logic.

  • Compensates for fluctuations in feed flow and composition and ambient conditions, keeping product on-spec
  • Allows for data-logging, trend analysis, and remote access to maintain peak performance
  • User-friendly training provided for operators & engineers


  • Able to meet pipeline-grade natural gas, compressed natural gas (CNG), or liquid natural gas (LNG) specifications.
  • Flexible technology can be designed to best suit site infrastructure
  • AdvanSorb®-RNG NRU+ allows for up to 98.5%+ methane recovery and purity
  • ARI’s AdvanSorb®-RNG NRU+ allows you to maximize system revenue and profit, by optimizing product recovery and purity, while also keeping a low total cost of ownership.
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