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Adsorption is the Solid Solution

Adsorption Research Inc. (ARI) is the world’s leading company focused exclusively on developing separation technologies based on adsorption.  Founded in 1992, we specialize in all phases of adsorption process development. 

  • Process/cycle conception
  • Preliminary experiments:
    • Adsorbent selection, characterization, modification and optimization
    • Adsorption capacity and kinetics testing (isothermal and breakthrough analysis)
  • Process simulations and optimization
  • Cyclic processes:
    • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
    • Temperature Swing Adsorption (TSA)
    • Hybrid systems
  • Assessment of patentability
  • Preliminary design:
    • Process engineering – mass & energy balances
    • Equipment flow sheets
    • Utility requirements
    • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Pilot plant design, fabrication, installation and operation
  • Full-scale implementation

No matter where you stand in your process development, ARI can help you arrive at the ideal solution.